Fr Hearn Weekly Message

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  Everyone, believers and non-believers alike, is familiar with the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In other words, treat others as you would expect to be treated. We can all agree that it is very reasonable and practical, and makes good sense. Even Jesus seems to endorse it! But as we hear today, Jesus is never one simply for minimums or convenient half-measures. He always calls us to a higher standard or way of thinking -- one that is not just in keeping with human expectations reason and demands, but one that aligns with God’s ways. In today’s Gospel passage from John, Jesus gives us a new commandment, one that will take commitment, perseverance and self-giving on our part even when it might not seem practical or even sensible. We are told today that we are to love as he loves. Note that Jesus calls it a commandment, not an option but a mandate for every Christian: “As I have loved, so you also should love one another.” Today, as we ponder his command, we might ask ourselves whether love is at the heart of our lives. And keeping in mind that we can do all things with God’s help, let us commit to love of God and love of neighbor. To serving others lovingly, speaking lovingly and forgiving abundantly. For a Christ-like Love is the hallmark of the true Christian.

Please congratulate and remember Father

Donald Karlen in your prayers as he celebrates his fifty-fifth (55th) anniversary as a Priest of our diocese. His anniversary date was May 16, 2019.

This weekend is HOPE Appeal weekend! Together, when we pledge our gift to the Annual HOPE Appeal, we are giving thanks to Christ for the innumerable gifts we’ve been given and helping our friends and neighbors who benefit each year from the diocesan good works funded through our annual appeal. I am asking all parishioners to contribute to this year’s HOPE Appeal. If we all give, we will easily meet St. Mary’s/St. Peter’s 2019 HOPE Appeal goal of $77,950.00 which is our parish share of the support for HOPE Appeal funded ministries, programs and services. If we exceed our target, 50 percent of the excess will be returned directly to our parish. However, if we do not meet this goal, the shortfall unfortunately will be taken from our general parish fund.

Remember God Loves You and so do I!

Father Hearn

St. Peter's Cemetery

Rev. Philip A. Hearn