Fr Hearn Weekly Message

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I am sure that you all know that I am back home at the rectory. I am still not completely healed and continue to enjoy physical therapy with Chris Bouton who lets me know that pain is a sign of continual healing. I love Chris for his encouraging words and kind movement of my right arm. As you know I broke my right shoulder and of course I am right handed.

The words ‘Thank You’ truly do not express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you, my beloved parishioners. First and foremost for your most appreciated and necessary prayers of healing grace, your beautiful cards telling of the prayers and support for my return to church.

I am most grateful to my brother Priests and Deacon Nick and especially Msgr. Kennedy and Father Karlen for stepping up and

covering the Masses and other Parish

happenings. I realize and know how blessed I am to have them with me here to serve the parish.

I am most humbled by all the kindnesses

extended to me during this time of healing and recuperation.

Over the next couple of weeks with the

doctor’s approval I hope to return to my

duties as your pastor. As you have loved me so I love you with my prayers for you and a million thank you’ s.

St. Peter's Cemetery

Rev. Philip A. Hearn