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        Weddings are joyous occasions which express our desire for a full and happy life.  The image of a wedding is frequently used throughout the Old Testament to describe God’s relationship with his chosen – Israel.  Though often unfaithful,  God always took her back,  forgave her and turned her sadness into joy. As she awaited the coming of the Messiah,  Israel’s hopes were expressed in terms of a wedding – a time of great rejoicing and celebration.  Like abundant wine,  God’s blessings would be poured out on his people in full measure.  As we hear the account of the miracle at Cana,  it is hard not to notice the shadow of the cross.  Like all of Jesus’ signs and miracles, this points to the greatest of all his signs; when he will be lifted up in obedience to the Father, for the salvation of humanity. This will be how the new covenant-marriage between God and his people will be brought about.  Here Jesus speaks about his hour – a reference to that time when his truest identity and glory will be revealed.  Significantly also, Jesus’ mother is present at the wedding in addressing her as ‘woman’,  a title he will also use from the cross.  For all of us, the cross is the ultimate blessing, as it is the source of eternal life.  Through faith our lives gain a new depth and meaning if we simply do as Mary says; ‘Do whatever Jesus tells you’.

     The 34th Annual World Marriage Day will be celebrated on February 10th at 2;30 p.m. at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse. If you are celebrating your 25th, 50th or beyond the 50th wedding anniversary during 2019 please call the rectory 336-5072 to let us know and we will send your name into the Bishop’s office.  In that way you can be honored at the Mass February 10th.

     A little smile = on As he went out to play, 7 year old Aaron had this thought,  ‘poor Jesus probably never got invited to play hide-and-seek because he always knew where everyone was hiding.’

     One evening Father Steve asked how many had followed his instructions of the past week and read Mark 17, and every hand went up.  Father Steve said, ‘Mark has only 16 chapters.  Let me begin my sermon on the sin of lying.’

     Remember God loves YOU and so do I. 

Fr. Hearn

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Rev. Philip A. Hearn