Fr Hearn Weekly Message

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          As Christians living two thousand years after the Resurrection, why do we so often turn to sin, darkness, despair and an ordinary, uninspired life after celebrating the good news of Jesus’ resurrection? Is the resurrection of Jesus and the promise it gives to us of eternal life just a long ago event that we habitually celebrate every year? It’s helpful to remember that the Scriptures are meant to address each of us in our own time and place, in our individual and particular situation, just as they addressed the people of

      Jesus’ time. We are meant, as we live through each Lent and Easter under new life circumstances, to see these events as new and still shaping our lives.

      As we celebrated Holy Week this year, we re-enacted some of the events from

      Jesus’ last days: his procession into Jerusalem and the foot-washing at his Last Supper; we repeated the words of his denial by Peter and that of the crowds in his suffering, death and burial. Yet now we celebrate his Resurrection.

      As we begin this glorious season of Easter, we no longer seek the Living One among the dead, but bring this new and transformed life into our hearts, minds and souls - and from there, to the hearts, minds and souls of those around us. Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed!

      We welcome the newly Baptized and Confirmed to our Church. They are Rily Ann Taylor, Jacqueline Andudar, Nichole Manno, Kevin Piatt, Melanie Rose, Bonnie Scott and Elaine Sherer. They have journeyed this past year with weekly classes learning about the faith. I am most grateful to our RCIA team of Kathy Chase, Debbie Pinti and Pat Johnson for all their work in guiding our candidates to this day. Let us continue to pray for our candidates as they begin to live the faith.

Remember God Loves YOU and so do I!

A joyous Easter to YOU! Blessings,

Father Hearn