Fr Hearn Weekly Message

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Last Sunday at Pentecost we celebrated God, the Holy Spirit. Next weekend on the feast of Corpus Christi, we will commemorate the real presence of God, the Son, in the Eucharist. Today, we celebrate the very essence of God and the definition of what it means to be a Christian, in the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. In today’s first reading, Moses instructs the people to know, and fix in their hearts, that the Lord is God. They are to keep his statues and commandments. In Romans, Paul reminds us that through the Spirit we are God’s adopted children and joint heirs with Christ. In the Gospel, Jesus delivers the Great Commission, sending his disciples throughout the world to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus calls us all to relationship with the Triune God, and one another. Christ proclaims the three-fold unity of God and commands that we “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the on, and of the Holy Spirit.

     Again I would like to say “Thank You” to all our Bingo workers. Because we are going to have to reorganize the workers, we will not be having Bingo until September. You will be receiving a mailing concerning a meeting during the summer. We still need all our volunteers and are anticipating some new workers who have recently volunteered to be part of a Bingo team. Look for the mailing that will give you the date of our summer meeting for all workers. I am truly grateful to all who have volunteered to work and are willing to give of their time in service of the parish.

     Let us pray for Rev. Mr. Matthew Rawson, who will be ordained to the Priesthood next Saturday. Please keep him and his marvelous family in yours prayers as he prepares for his big day on June 2nd..

     Let us continue to pray for all our sick!